SYBARITE5: Everything in it’s Right Place

Friday, May 3, 2019 7:30pm

“Their rock star status…is well deserved. Their classically honed technique mixed with grit and all out passionate attack transfixes the audience…” The Sarasota Herald Tribune

SYBARITE5 brings its eclectic repertoire to Des Moines for our 2018/2019 Season Finale concert. This adventurous string quintet bridges genre gaps and brings unlikely musical combinations together to create unique concert experiences. SYBARITE5 enjoys a well-earned reputation for challenging perceptions of what music can be and who plays what, pushing the boundaries of concert music. Everything In Its Right Place is a cohesive showcase of the ensemble’s regular playlist, including music by Radiohead, Piazzolla, Mozart, and Brubeck, as well as new compositions for the group by Andy Ahiko, Eric Byers, Shawn Conly, and Dan Visconti.

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Season passes are available for this performance.

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Tickets for SYBARITE5: Everything in it’s Right Place go on sale July 13, 2018 for the following prices:

  • Main Floor Center: $40
  • Main Floor East & West: $35
  • Balcony Center: $45
  • Balcony SE & SW: $30
  • Balcony East & West: $20
  • Student Rush: $10

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