Poiesis Quartet

The Poiesis Quartet was founded in Oberlin, OH during Oberlin Conservatory’s Advanced String Quartet program. In January 2023, the quartet completed an international tour in Uruguay with artistic residencies in Punta del Diablo and Punta del Este’s premiere concert series, “Conciertos del Este”.

Performances included the world premiere of Alejandro Melo’s’ composition “Elegy” which was dedicated to the quartet. This year, they were selected as finalists in the St. Paul String Quartet Competition and quarterfinalists in the Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition, and also performed in a masterclass with Sandy Yamamoto of the Miró Quartet. The Poiesis Quartet is primarily coached by Sibbi Bernhardsson of the Pacifica Quartet and is additionally mentored by the Verona Quartet and Kirsten Docter of the Cavani Quartet.

Comprised of violinists Sarah Ma and Max Ball, cellist Drew Dansby, and violist Jasper de Boor, members of the Poiesis Quartet have attended programs such as Kneisel Hall, the Perlman Music Program, Verbier Festival, Aspen Music Festival, and Madeline Island Chamber Music’s Fellowship program. In addition to quartet, Sarah and Drew are also completing Bachelor’s degrees in American Studies and Chemistry (respectively), Jasper is double majoring in violin and viola performance with a minor in baroque violin, and Max is pursuing a minor in jazz studies. When not playing chamber music, Poiesis loves to learn new languages on Duolingo, share delicious ice cream cakes, and take long walks on the beach.

The name Poiesis is derived from the ancient Greek word ποιεῖν, which means “to make”. Heidegger refers to poiesis as a ‘bringing-forth’, the “blooming of the blossom, the coming-out of a butterfly from a cocoon, the plummeting of a waterfall when the snow begins to melt”. The Quartet strives to replicate the notion of poiesis in our art-making.